NHK World [企画・制作・演出] Zero Carbon Ahead
Part 2 – Energy Transition

NHK World 2017.06.18

This series examines how the Paris Agreement on climate change has affected businesses around the world. The first episode focuses on the financial industry. On Wall Street, fossil fuels are increasingly seen as “stranded assets” to be divested. The program looks at what the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, among others, is doing. The second episode concerns electric power. Germany’s major electric company is facing a serious challenge as renewable energy prices fall. The series also documents efforts to shift to a decarbonized economy, including activities in Japan. Elsewhere, BMW envisions total reliance on renewable energy eventually.

Major electric companies in Germany are pulling out of the fossil fuel business and shifting their mainstay to renewable energy sources. Can they compete with clean energy, which is said to be unstable and comparatively high in prices? We report on firms around the globe employing “digitalization” as a key in seeking new business schemes, in a time when the world is moving toward decarbonization.

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