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Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan

NHK World 2013.08.23

In Kyrgyzstan, a small country in Central Asia, the institution of marriage is troubled by the serious social problem of “bride kidnapping”. Women are abducted and forced to marry men they have never met. A traditional practice of Kyrgyzstan’s formerly nomadic people, during the Soviet years and since independence the custom has taken on a criminal character. It leaves deep scars in its victims, and 2012 saw a series of kidnapping-related suicides.
Munara Beknazarova has taken on the mission of putting a stop to this ongoing tragedy in her country. She offers supportive care to victims while battling to change public acceptance of bride kidnapping as a traditional practice.
This episode of Asia Insight reports on bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan and Munara Beknazarova’s fight to end it.

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