NHK World [企画・演出] Asia Insight
A Flood of Climate Migration: Bangladesh

NHK World 2023.05.12 (28min.)

Bangladesh is one of Asia’s poorest countries and suffering some of the worst effects of climate change. Cyclones, floods and other disasters have led millions to lose their homes and become climate migrants. Those migrating to major cities such as Dhaka struggle to find work, while even rural towns are seeing their populations explode. Infrastructure is failing and local governments are struggling to find solutions. But new projects are seeking a way forward.

NHK World [企画・プロデュース・演出] Zeroing In: Carbon Neutral 2050
Episode 11 – Leaving No One Behind

NHK World 2022.07.30 09:10 – 09:35(JST)(25min.)

In Bangladesh, rising waves rob humble islanders of their livelihoods. In California, wildfires and heatwaves are unbearable for those without the means to protect themselves. And in Japan, floods force scores of elderly residents into temporary housing, away from their beloved communities. Climate change is overwhelmingly caused by a wealthy few, but felt more acutely by the Most Affected People and Areas, or MAPA. We find out why the answer to this crisis lies in listening to their voices.

[Host] Catherine Kobayashi
[Guest] Greg Dalton, Journalist and Host, “Climate One”