BS1 [演出] Asia Insight
観光業に夢を託す ~スリランカ~

NHK BS1 2017.03.20 14:00 – 14:30 (28分)



NHK World [演出] Asia Insight
The Gateway to Success for Youth – Sri Lanka

NHK World 2017.03.03

Sri Lanka: this island nation, often called “the pearl of the Indian Ocean”, with its year-round beaches, endless nature and 8 designated World Heritage Sites, is an irresistible spot for travelers. After the end of the Sri Lankan Civil War in 2009, foreign tourists quadrupled in the space of 7 years, and the young people of Sri Lanka are working hard to take advantage of the opportunities this new tourism boom offers. We follow students at a 100-year old hotel’s tourism school as they strive to become first-rate hotel employees, and visit a group of men looking to strike it rich by offering unique sightseeing tours on the chaotic Sri Lankan streets. This time on Asia Insight: the youth of Sri Lanka and their tourism dreams.

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